Shandong Dayi Chemical Co.,Ltd, built in 1991, has the history of more than twenty-nine years, mainly specialized in the research,development, production and sales of silicone products, which is an important organic silicon research and production base in China and a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province.
Silicone is known as “ industrial MSG “(aginomoto)
for many fields, many industries. Now has been widely used in polyurethane, daily chemical, defoamer, petroleum, coating, electric power, resin modification, etc., all have an irreplaceable role in every industry.
There are more than three hundreds of products, like silicone oil, silicone emulsion, silicone rubber , silicone resin, silicone surfactant and further process silicone products, Also with our research and customer demand, it will continue to increase.
It covers an area of 130 acres , located in Laiyang Chemical Industry Park. Which has 12 standard workshops and more than 120 reactors to meet the production needs of different specifications. Annul output is about 100,000 tons .
We have a building specialized for research and development center, quality inspection center, as well as silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicon surfactant, organic fluorine and other research rooms. According to the market and customer needs, we develop various functional silicone materials. The equipment includes gas chromatography, gel chromatography, colorimeter; conductivity meter, moisture meter, surface tension meter, etc.
The R&D team consists of 12 people , include 2 doctors, all of which are related to chemical industry. In 2019, the company cooperated with Qingdao University of Science and Technology to open a research and development center, to explore new silicone products and provide technical support for our customers.
About the environmental safety and protection , we have been a standardization in Shandong Province. Also we have successfully passed the forth Rating and one evaluation, come to be the three-level enterprise of the safety standardization
We have been operating in the organic silicon industry for 27 years. We have been adhering to the professional philosophy of science and technology.
Welcome all the customers from LAird . We will do our best to satisfy you.